May 2013 – Harvest

The spring garden is over as we pulled the peas in April.  We planted the cucumbers in one raised bed with lettuce underneath the trellis and tomatoes in two beds with Texas Tomato cages.   We also planted the squash bed with pumpkins, spaghetti squash, zucchini, melons, and corn.  The pickling cucumbers started fruiting already and it looks to be a strong year for pickling.

The garlic sprouted their scapes at the end of May and I picked those and pickled them as well.  We planted chard again in pots this time with tulle bags around them to keep the leaf miners at bay.  They worked very successfully and I will be posting a how to on growing Chard in a bucket while defeating the insidious leaf miners.

Chicken Eggs72$0.3325$23.94
Blueberries9.1 oz.$7.98/lb$4.54
Pickling Cucumbers25.6 oz.$3.99/lb$6.38
Slicing Cucumbers2 ea$1.99 ea.$3.98
Garlic Scapes13.4 oz.$4.99/lb$4.18
Butterhead Lettuce4 heads$2.49/head$9.96
Red Leaf Lettuce2 heads$2.49/head$4.98
Rainbow Chard1 bunch$2.99/bunch$2.99

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