June 2013 – Harvest

In June the cucumbers came on strong and we spent much of the time pickling.  Our beans got a late start in so haven’t started producing yet.  The lettuce is still going strong under the cucumbers.

We also harvested more blueberries.  Note that these bushes are only 2 years old this year, so they should continue to get better and better.  We got our first zucchini from the Costata Romanesco and I have to say it was the most delicious zucchini we’ve ever had.  Not terribly prolific, but wow – great grilled or pan fried!  I usually don’t like zucchini to eat (we grow it to make zucchini bread), but this zucchini is stellar.

One of the chickens has gone broody and now the other hens are starting to hide eggs.

Chicken Eggs41$0.3325$13.63
Blueberries18.4 oz.$7.98/lb$9.18
Pickling Cucumbers50.94 lbs.$3.99/lb$203.25
Slicing cucumbers12.73 lbs$3.99/lb$50.80
Garlic Scapes1 oz.$4.99/lb$0.31
Butterhead Lettuce3 heads$2.49/head$7.47
Red Leaf Lettuce2 heads$2.49/head$4.98
Costata Romanesco Zucchini3 lbs 3.8oz.$2.49/lb$8.06
Rainbow Chard1 bunch$2.49/bunch$2.49

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