July 2013 – Harvest

We continue to get mountains of pickling cucumbers from our one bed of cucumbers.  We have put up 74 quarts of pickles, and many pints of relishes and more pickles.  In addition to the cucumbers, we also started overflowing with beans.  We grew three varieties of beans – 2 that we planted and 1 variety was volunteer from last season.  We also made tons of dilly beans which were a hit.

The early tomatoes started producing with the strongest performance coming from the Italian Heirloom tomatoes and the Neves Azorean.  I was amazed at the size of the Italian Heirloom tomatoes and they make great salsa and sauce.  The zucchini came on strong as well.

The chickens continue to hide their eggs… see our post about rotten eggs. We also feed them a lot of the garden scraps – they love the cucumbers that are old and seedy (that escaped our notice). They also love the spare greens.

A note about all our vegetable varieties – they are open pollinated or heirloom (except for the blueberry bushes), and everything is grown organically without sprays or pesticides.

Chicken Eggs25$0.3325$8.31
Blueberries26.2 oz.$7.98/lb$13.07
Pickling Cucumbers75 lbs.$3.99/lb$299.42
Slicing Cucumbers34.2 lbs.$3.99/lb$136.51
Green Beans32.1 lbs.$3.99/lb$128.05
Heirloom Tomatoes3.7 lbs.$5.99/lb$22.20
Costata Romanesco Zucchini31.3 lbs.$2.49/lb$78.01

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