August 2013 – Harvest

The tomato harvest was in full swing with all varieties ripening finally! The Scotland Yellows are the first to peter out, but produced a large quantity. The unknown paste tomato (we call it Not Amy Goldman, because we got seeds from Terrior Underground for Amy Goldman and instead got some kind of paste tomato) is a great drying tomato.

The chickens are fully molting at the moment or are hiding eggs again and we couldn’t seem to find many or I forgot to record them for August. I will have to be more diligent on those.

I grew Bodacious corn this year and I wasn’t a fan. They didn’t seem to grow very big and the corn tended to be a little starchy and tougher than I’d like. I like the sweet tender pop of corn kernels breaking under my teeth and this variety was not my favorite. Next year we will be growing some heirloom or open-pollinated corn varieties. Luther Hill and Double standard if we can time it right. We’ll see how they do next year.

Upcoming harvest – The end of the cucumbers, tomatoes, the spaghetti squash, last of the zucchini, beans.

Chicken Eggs3$0.3325$1.00
Blueberries1.4 oz$7.98$0.70
Pickling Cucumbers64.3 lbs.$3.99/lb$256.56
Slicing Cucumbers29.2 lbs.$3.99/lb$116.58
Green Beans19.5 lbs.$3.99/lb$77.73
Heirloom Tomatoes119.0 lbs.$5.99/lb$712.69
Costata Romanesco Zucchini18.4 lbs.$2.49/lb$45.71
Corn9 ears$0.5/ear$4.50
Bell Pepper3.61 lbs.$3.00/lb$10.86
Honeydew Melons5.4 lbs.$2.49/lb$13.34


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