It is an Early Spring/Summer in the Bay Area!

As everyone knows, California is in a massive drought.  This year’s snow pack is 6% of normal which is even worse than last year’s 25%.  We’ll be making some posts about gardening and water conservation while still growing a garden.  In a normal year, our loquats ripen towards mid-April and into May (as I make a great loquat cobbler).  But this year our tree is completely ripe and it is just the end of March!

Loquats in a Wagon

Loquats in a Wagon

Loquats 2

Close up of Loquats

We tend to cut off the branch of loquats rather than the individual fruit because we find that the fruit can store in a paper bag on the branch for a longer time.  Other signs that it is an early summer – my garlic beds are pretty mature.  They haven’t yet set out their scapes, but the leaves are maturing.  I’m having a hard time keeping the soil moist and need to lay down mulch to preserve the soil moisture.

The blueberries also flowered in February and have set fruit now.  They haven’t ripened yet, so we’ll see when the first harvest is ready.


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