• Using Our Chickens to Help Prep the Garden

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    With all the rain we have had this winter (seeming to always fall on the weekend) and our busy jobs, we unfortunately did not get to plant a winter garden.  But now that it is only raining occasionally and it […]

  • May 2016 Harvest Totals

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    We’ve been really busy this spring with work, so we had to hire someone to weed our raised beds which allowed me to plant our spring garden.  It is now the end of May and we’ve pulled our sugar snap peas […]

  • Our Loquat Tree is Dead!

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    After last year’s drought during the winter and minimal watering during the summer due to water restrictions, I guess we overdid it.  We think that our loquat tree is succumbing to fireblight.  Even after the wetter winter we had, the […]

  • Oxalis in My Winter Garden Beds

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    I’m planting two of the garden beds this winter (Overwintering three of the beds for spring).  One is already planted, the other I just seeded.  Even though it is January, with the warm temperatures and zero rain it feels like […]

  • Search for the Perfect Petit Pois Variety

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    It is just about the time for much of the country to plant their spring garden.  But in the SF Bay Area, we have had a relatively warm, dry winter (not the best for dealing with drought).  I always love […]

Backyard Chickens

Breaking the Broody Chicken

In our first batch of chickens (which we eventually took up to the family ranch because they were too loud), one of the Ameraucana chickens was a super broody hen.  She would go broody, we would break it, she would […]

MYTH: Bad Eggs Float and Good Eggs Sink

Our Red Star Cross chickens have been very reliable layers for us this past year and a half.  Recently, however, one of our hens has gotten broody.  She took over the nesting box and banned the other two hens from […]

Williams Sonoma Agrarian Chicken Coops – Part 1

We built our chicken coop ourself with a number of important features we wanted to keep in mind.  The most important features for us were: Cleanability A shaded area for the chickens Easy access to the eggs Security against predators […]


It is an Early Spring/Summer in the Bay Area!

As everyone knows, California is in a massive drought.  This year’s snow pack is 6% of normal which is even worse than last year’s 25%.  We’ll be making some posts about gardening and water conservation while still growing a garden. […]

Garlic Pulled Early/Late – Bay Area

We are late in putting in our cucumbers this season because garlic was growing in the raised beds that we use for this purpose.  We decided to chance ripping out the garlic in favor of getting the cucumbers in. Lesson […]

Pests and Weeds

Quick, Easy, and Cheap Blueberry Net Tunnel

We put in our blueberry plants along a side fence because we wanted to utilize the space better.  It is the second year they are in and they have started putting out lots of blueberries.  I know you are supposed […]


In Praise of San Marzano Redorta – Review

I’ve tried numerous heirloom paste tomatoes over the years and failed for a variety of reasons. Amish Paste had a tendency to blossom end rot while none of the other tomatoes did.  San Marzano was tall and spindly and fell […]

Beauty King Tomato Review

One of the new heirloom cultivars we tried for 2012 was Beauty King.  I was drawn to it because I wanted to try a striped tomato with lots of flavor.   Geography/History: According to various web sources, this tomato  is from […]

Boule d’Or Melon (aka Golden Perfection) Review

This year we tried the Boule d’Or Melon (AKA Golden Perfection, AKA Cucumis Melo) from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds.  It is a French heirloom melon that is described as quite prolific, hardy, and mildew resistant.  We are always looking for […]



August 2013 – Harvest

The tomato harvest was in full swing with all varieties ripening finally! The Scotland Yellows are the first to peter out, but produced a large quantity. The unknown paste tomato (we call it Not Amy Goldman, because we got seeds […]

July 2013 – Harvest

We continue to get mountains of pickling cucumbers from our one bed of cucumbers.  We have put up 74 quarts of pickles, and many pints of relishes and more pickles.  In addition to the cucumbers, we also started overflowing with […]

June 2013 – Harvest

In June the cucumbers came on strong and we spent much of the time pickling.  Our beans got a late start in so haven’t started producing yet.  The lettuce is still going strong under the cucumbers. We also harvested more […]

May 2013 – Harvest

The spring garden is over as we pulled the peas in April.  We planted the cucumbers in one raised bed with lettuce underneath the trellis and tomatoes in two beds with Texas Tomato cages.   We also planted the squash […]